Highend Software

pocket space in VORA

4-dimensional pocket: Like a 4-dimensional pocket from which anything can come out, this means that we can develop anything with our S/W development technologies for the server.

What does
the HS team do?

Highend SW works
Highend S/W


We develop solutions and S/W for the world's leading ARM servers. Our team provides S/W to utilise ARM servers from Linux System to front-end & back-end of web servers, ARM-based Edge Computing and Cloud Computing.

What skills and
abilities are needed?

S/W Dev. Ability

The ability to use a basic Linux environment such as Ubuntu 20.04 and write shell scripts and programming development using Python/C/C++ is required, and specialised technical skills are required depending on the task.


Projects within a company are about working together towards a common goal. Whilst it's important to work in an individual capacity, it's equally important to be able to collaborate to achieve a goal.


You'll need to be a good communicator, able to articulate what you've developed or requirements, and be able to resolve disagreements smoothly.