Sales & P.R.

Core of it all

The business dept., which seeks to sell ARM servers in a variety of markets, uses a PR strategy based on design skills and content marketing with the character "VORA" to soften the image of hard servers and reach out to users.

What does
the BIZ team do?

Business works


The Business team is responsible for discovering new business opportunities, conducting product demonstrations and sales, as well as providing customer support. Additionally, they use XSLAB's original character 'VORA' to create engaging and fun content through various means, aiming to generate interest among many individuals in the ARM Server market and the company itself.

What skills and
abilities are needed?


We should always be thinking about how we can make the ARM server space more fun and creative to promote.


Creating content that people understand and looks good requires an aesthetic sense.


There's a lot of communication and dialogue that goes into the process of sharing ideas and narrowing things down to the best possible direction.