XSLAB. Korea's First ARM Server Development Company,
Providing an ARM Full Stack Solution from H/W to Cloud.

With over 10 years of server development experience, we strive to deliver the most robust HWs and SWs in the ARM server space.

Low-power multi-core
ARM Server Development & Supply

XSLAB directly designs and develops its V-Raptor products, known for their purple motherboards.

ARM Server-based Cloud Infra Construction,
S/W Development, & Supply.

Expanding its business scope with a wide range of S/W techs, from self-developed remote management S/W based on proprietary BMC solutions to self-built and supported ARM-based cloud solutions.

Customized ARM Server
Development & Supply for Customers

Leveraging XSLAB's unique technical capabilities, the company offers OEM/ODM development and supply, from H/W to S/W, tailored to meet the specific needs of customers.


All at once.

01 - Hardware & Software

ARM Server Full Stack Company

XSLAB independently develops H/W, S/W, and even cloud solutions. As a result, the compatibility between the products they sell and the embedded software is exceptional. In the realm of servers, XSLAB has autonomously developed and provides a range of features that are rarely seen, such as BMC storage-based operating system recovery, OLED displays, and node hot-swapping. Furthermore, they are capable of addressing a wide array of development requests across various fields, tailored to meet the needs of their clients.

02 - Superior Technology & Patents

Superior Technology & Patents

XSLAB holds two patents (Patent No. 10-1849709: Modular BMC System, No. 10-1887632: BMC-based Server Rack System) and has been selected for outstanding technology evaluation by NICE D&B.

03 - Trust in Technology

Trust in Technology

Various clients, including Sam-a Aluminum, SK Broadband, KISTI, KEPCO, Kakao, and Korea Automotive Research Institute, have already chosen XSLAB's ARM servers.

04 - We are XSER

We are XSER

We're passionate people who embrace challenging endeavors, care for our team members, seek tasks that resonate with our hearts, refuse to settle for the present, and consistently discover new approaches, all while enjoying the journey.