Korea's First ARM Server
Development Company

From H/W to CLOUD,
Full Stack ARM Server Solution.

From Smart Factory to Data Center
with ARM Server

Experience the ARM Servers that
will lead the new era at XSLAB.

Eco-Friendly ARM Server
for a Better World

Ensuring Sustainability in
All innovations with XSLAB's ARM Server.

About us

At XSLAB we provide a full-stack ARM server solution, starting from low-power multi-core ARM Server H/W to S/W, and even cloud services, all aimed at creating a better world.

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Core Value

eXtra, Special, Link, Advance,
Broad. We will continue to embrace
new challenges and never settle.

eXtra – Special

We goes our own way beyond
the limitations of servers.

Link - Advance - Broad

Advancing the industry via
organic links between HW-SW.

ARM Servers & A.I.


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ARM ServerV-Raptor SQ
ARM ServerV-Raptor LX
ARM ServerV-Raptor SQ nano
ARM ServerV-Raptor SQ mini
Artificial IntelligenceVORA 2803



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