1U Size Stadalone
Edge Computing ARM Server
V-Raptor SQ mini


Performs Perfectly Well as a Server.

24x ARM Cores & 64GB RAM

V-Raptor SQ mini consumes under 100W power and
applied special Black VORA Edition case.

AWS C6g.Medium : 10,732
5 of 24 SQ mini cores : 9,873

The performance of 5 out of 24 cores in SQ mini is similar to AWS C6g.medium.
(Sysbench 1.0.11, Total Numbers of Events)

Cost savings than AWS
Average Power Consumption
1Ghz Cortex-A53 64bit
2ch. 64GB

Endless Scalability.

Supports PCIe Gen2 Bus &
4x USB 3.0 Ports

via PCIe Bus, 10Gbps NIC can be used.

Also, use XSLAB's On-device AI dongle via USB ports.

OLED Display,
Inconvenient without It Anymore.

It would be odd now if the server display wasn't here.

V-Raptor SQ mini's OLED Display

Check in-time via OLED display of:
Temperature, Power, and so on.

Remotely Manage
via Web Browser.

XSLAB provides remote management software developed
based on its own BMC technology and OpenBMC.
Meet a server that catches the heat with
the ARM architecture and is managed remotely.

Supported features may vary by product.

You can check the status of server easily
with your daily web browsers.

Console and Settings
Firmware Update

V-Raptor SQ mini

SPEC V-Raptor SQ mini
Form Factor 1U, (W430 x H44 x D393, mm)
Processor Socionext Inc. SynQuacer® SC2A11,
ARM® Cortex-A53 1GHz 64bit 24-core
Chipset System on Chip
2133MHz 4ch. 64GB (16GB x4)
Network 1x 1GbE LAN for HOST(10GbE Optional),
1x 1GbE LAN for BMC
Storage 2x SATA 3.0 Slots
PCIe Slots 1x PCIe Bus
I/O Ports -
Power Supply 265W x1 Redundant 80 PLUS
Management (BMC) ARM Cortex-A9 4-core,
OpenBMC, XMAS Web Console
OS Ubuntu Server 19.04/20.04/22.04 LTS

Create Better World
by using ARM Servers.

XSLAB's ARM server is a low-power, low-heat server that helps
companies build environmental, social, and corporate governance.


¹ You can attach/detach nodes without powering off.
² AWS - c6g.medium cost/mo. : 27.72 USD (35056.10KRW). Let manipulate 4x SQ mini V-Stack medium(5Cores - RAM : 3GB - Disk : 10GB), then 4x operatable. So, per a month, 140,224 KRW of profit compared to AWS c6g.medium.(Electricity excluded)