CEO's Letter

CEO's Letter

We will make our products
that we can make the best in the world.

I majored in network and had a lot of software development experience, so I took on the challenge of developing a low-power server. As energy and environmental issues are becoming increasingly important, the desire to make a better world through business in the field of low-power, eco-friendly server has led XSLAB to this point.

With a background in network technology and experience in software development, I have decided to developing low-power ARN servers. As energy and environmental concerns grew in significance, the desire to contribute to a better world through the business of energy-efficient, eco-friendly servers became the driving force behind XSLAB's journey.

Through experiences with Android embedded software, I discovered that Ubuntu was used as the operating system for the cloud infrastructure open-source project, OpenStack. This realization inspired the idea of creating low-power ARM based computers; from embedded systems to servers, using Ubuntu. This very idea laid the foundation for XSLAB.

CEO of XSLAB Inc., FunFun Yoo

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The XSLAB Advantage

XSLAB is the first company in Korea to design and manufacture both hardware and software to complete ARM servers, developing motherboards, remote management software, server chassis, and more in-house.

We have been designated as a special military service company by the Ministry of Military Affairs and have Korea patent No. 10-1949709: 'Modular BMC System' and patent No. 10-1887632: 'BMC-based server rack system', which were achieved with our own technology.

Selected as a Best Technology Company (Tier-3) in the corporate technology assessment conducted by Nice D&B.

Skills proven by many achievements & investments

The company was funded by Bluepoint Partners, Sunang Angel Partners, and
Series-A in Quantum Ventures Korea.

Research and development of a supercomputer remote management solution (KiERA) for the Korea Institute of Science & Technology Information (KISTI). Developed and delivered Daas (VDI) thin client products to SK Broadband & KEPCO.
We've built a smart factory system based on ARM servers on Sam-A-Aluminium.

CEO of XSLAB Inc., FunFun Yoo