Up to 768-core ARM Server
with Powerful VM Performance.
V-Raptor SQ


Seamless Node Transition with HOT SWAP¹

Envelope-sized Super Small Server Node.

24x ARM Cores and 32GB RAM

V-Raptor PEC only consumes 15W of power and
insertable up to 32x nodes into SQ.

AWS C6g.Medium : 10,732
5 of 24 PEC cores : 9,873

The performance of 5 out of 24 cores in PEC is similar to AWS C6g.medium.
(Sysbench 1.0.11, Total Numbers of Events)

Cost savings than AWS
Average Power Consumption
1Ghz Cortex-A53 64bit
up to 768-Core
up to 1024GB

A Racing Car passing by,

up to 18TB Configuration
with M.2 NVMe SSD Slot per Node

Critical data storage capacity, You can dramatically increase
capacity of your SQ with up to 1TB SSD configuration per node.

Also, Users can purchase own M.2 NVMe compatible drives to add more capacity.
See Manual

It's A Kind of Magic.

OS recovery function, Never before. Say farewell to errors.

V-Raptor SQ's motherboard, SQMP.

via XSLAB's patented³ BMC technology, You can always recover corrupted OS.

Status Report!

e-Ink displays are no longer exclusive to e-books.
External display on SQ can manipulate various kinds of functions.
from Status report to E-Mail sending, It's not XSLAB's flagship for nothing.

Remotely Manage
via Web Browser.

XSLAB provides remote management software developed
based on its own BMC technology and OpenBMC.
Meet a server that catches the heat with
the ARM architecture and is managed remotely.

Supported features may vary by product.

You can check the status of server easily
with your daily web browsers.

Console and Settings
Firmware Update

V-Raptor PEC

Form Factor An Envelope-sized Mini Server Node
Processor Socionext Inc. SynQuacer® SC2A11,
ARM® Cortex-A53 1GHz 64bit 24-core
Chipset System on Chip
2133MHz 2ch. 32GB (16GB x2)
Network 1GbE LAN (per node)
Storage M.2 NVMe 250/500GB SSD
PCIe Slots -
I/O Ports -
Power Supply -
Management OpenBMC, XMAS Web Console
OS Ubuntu Server 19.04/20.04/22.04 LTS

V-Raptor SQ

SPEC V-Raptor SQ
Form Factor 2U, 32x Server nodes(V-Raptor PEC)
(W440 x H85 x D650, mm)
Processor ARM Cortex-A9 4-core for BMC
Chipset System on Chip
Memory -
Network 1GbE LAN (for BMC)
Storage Seperated BMC Storage for OS Recovery
PCIe Slots -
I/O Ports -
Power Supply 800W x2 Redundant 80 PLATINUM
Management OpenBMC, XMAS Web Console
OS Ubuntu Server 19.04/20.04/22.04 LTS

Create Better World
by using ARM Servers.

XSLAB's ARM server is a low-power, low-heat server that helps
companies build environmental, social, and corporate governance.