Embedded Software

Giving Life to Hardware

Applications that run on top of H/W require firmware and system S/W developed by the ES team. Without this S/W, the applications used by our customers would not be able to run.

What does
the ES team do?

Embedded SW works
Embedded SW


The Embedded Software team designs and develops system S/W to enable the developed H/W to run applications and perform its intended functions. They handle everything from UEFI (BIOS), operating systems, and drivers (BSP) to BMC S/W, all of which are developed and ported in-house.

What skills and
abilities are needed?

S/W Dev. Ability

The ability to use a basic Linux environment such as Ubuntu 20.04 and write shell scripts and programming development using Python/C/C++ is required, and specialised technical skills are required depending on the task.


Projects within a company are about working together towards a common goal. Whilst it's important to work in an individual capacity, it's equally important to be able to collaborate to achieve a goal.


You'll need to be a good communicator, able to articulate what you've developed or requirements, and be able to resolve disagreements smoothly.