From Start till End

Like the first A(alpha) & the last Ω(omega) in the Greek alphabet, our team is there from the beginning to the end of every product. the H/W team is involved from the beginning to the end of product development.

What does
the H/W team do?

HW team works


The Hardware team is responsible for the earliest stages of development at XSLA, handling tasks such as product chassis design, motherboard circuit design and production, product assembly, and mechanical design. All of XSLAB's products go through our team's hands before coming to life, making them the alpha and omega of XSLAB.

What skills and
abilities are needed?


It's hard to grow quickly in hardware, which is why it's important to stay the course and not give up. If you go steady with it, you'll find that you've come a long way before you know it.


You need to have your own memory: you need to be able to remember and relive your successes as well as your failures in the team and production, and make them your own.


H/W teams are often required to work with external vendors for things like sourcing parts, so it's helpful to have a good rapport with them.